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Dejo, 11-01-2017, 07:57

By YonkoProductions

Chapter 852 The Germa's Failed Plan

Reiju is sleeping in an infirmary
She recovers quickly so she will be able to join the tea party the next day, apparently
Sanji comes in and restrains the guard
Reiju wakes up, but her memory's fuzzy and she feels confused
Sanji explains her what really happened

Prisoner Library
Luffy & co. manage to escape by burning the book
As soon as they're out of the cage, Luffy can't move because of his empty stomach
Even so, he runs upstairs to help Sanji

Reiju believes Sanji's words
Reiju had been investigating Pudding herself, as she thought she seemed too much of a good person
Sanji's pretty desperate, and Reiju tells him that "I think the Germa should crumble like this"
Reiju proposes to act as if they knew nothing.
Sanji's against it, and Reiju starts talking about the circumstances around Sanji's birth.

Reiju could not forget a certain memory
When their Father had said he would turn the soon to be born children in emotionless machines, the mother was fiercely against it

The surgery was done against her will, but the mother drank a powerful medicine that would influence their bloodline's genes, in order to stop the father's wild ambition.

There was no effect on the 3 older children, but Sanji alone was able to grow up as human.

Because of that medicine, the mother kept getting weaker and weaker, but she had no regrets
Father blamed Sanji for the whole thing, and started treating him badly

Reiju: "There's no way you are a failure"
Reiju: "The child born with the "emotions" that mother protected with her own life"
Reiju: "That's you...Sanji"
Reiju: "That's why you are kinder than anyone else!!!"

Reiju tells Sanji to abandon the Germa and escape.

Reiju: "(Big Mom?) is not interested in your savior's life, I think.
Reiju: "Father and the brothers who hold the sea restaurant hostage will be killed tomorrow."
Reiju: "It's a just retribution! We're a band of assassins!!"」
Sanji : "I too have nothing but resentment towards them...but why do you have to die...!?"
Reiju : "There is still "emotion" within me, but...I am an "accomplice", built unable to refuse Father's orders."
Reiju: "My hands are stained...I deserve to die."
Reiju: "I forgot to say something...that bracelet won't explode or anything. I switched it (with a dud)."
Reiju: "Do you have any other reasons not to leave this island!?"
Reiju: "Get a hold of yourself, Sanji!! Think hard about what's important for you!!
Reiju: "You won't be able to see that great bunch of people anymore!!! 

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legoras, 11-01-2017, 11:14
+ złe info. Brak chaptera za tydzień.


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Beetlejuice, 11-01-2017, 12:18
Nareszcie Sanji spuszczony ze smyczy Smile.


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krelek, 11-01-2017, 18:19
Luffy idzie ratować Sanjiego, a nie miał czekać na niego na polance i dać załatwić mu to samemu? Jinbei mógłby go pilnować.

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IsshoFujitora, 11-01-2017, 19:33
(11-01-2017, 07:57)Dejo napisał(a):

By YonkoProductions

Reiju : "There is still "emotion" within me, but...I am an "accomplice", built unable to refuse Father's orders."
Reiju: "My hands are stained...I deserve to die."
Reiju: "I forgot to say something...that bracelet won't explode or anything. I switched it (with a dud)."

Reiju na słomka 2k17. LOL
Kochana  Heart


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Veisenhart, 11-01-2017, 19:43
(11-01-2017, 19:33)IsshoFujitora napisał(a):
(11-01-2017, 07:57)Dejo napisał(a):

By YonkoProductions

Reiju : "There is still "emotion" within me, but...I am an "accomplice", built unable to refuse Father's orders."
Reiju: "My hands are stained...I deserve to die."
Reiju: "I forgot to say something...that bracelet won't explode or anything. I switched it (with a dud)."

Reiju na słomka 2k17. LOL
Kochana  Heart

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Dejo, 12-01-2017, 09:56

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One Piece 852 Full Translation:
Doctor: what a stiff skin and an enormous healing power… So this is the power of Germa…If she gets a good rest then she will be able to attend tomorrow’s tea party. Let the rest of the Vinsmonke know about it! They must be worried sick! Then, I will go to the 4th floor.
Soldier: Yes, sir! Thank you for your hard work and please be careful!
Sanji: …
Reiju wakes up
Reiju: ….
Sanji: …
Reiju: Sanji….!! Uh….!!!
Sanji: ….Hey….
Reiju: ….! My….leg….Was I involved in some kind of accident? Did it happen when that soldier was screaming intruder or something?
Soldier: ….!!!
Sanji: All of it probably won’t make sense to you…But your memories were rewritten
Reiju: What???
Sanji: I will tell you what happened
Scene switches:
Big Mom crew: Gyaaaaaah!!! It’s burning!!!
Prisoners are escaping non stop
Jinbei: Hurry up Luffy!! Nami!!
Big Mom crew: Gyaaaah!!!
Luffy: Ohhhhhh!!!!
Jinbei throws water on Luffy
Luffy: Buhaaa! Thank you Jinbei!!!!
Nami: Ha…Ha…I am not sure but something similar happened to me before
Jinbei: I am sorry but the only way to escape from that prison was to burn the book!
Luffy: Shishishi!! I didn’t need to cut off my arm after all! Thank you!!
Jinbei: The first time we actually met was also at a certain prison… Look! So many prisoners were kept hostage like you two! The imagination that this book had was infinite! Big Mom has many talented subordinates!
Nami: Thank you Jinbei! Why are you here on this island?
Jinbei: Ahhh…My Pirate Crew “The Sun Pirates” are actually one of Big Mom’s Underlings!
Nami: !!?
Luffy: Whaaaaat??
Nami points at Opera: But…this…then…
Jinbei: Yes…There is no turning back now! Wahahahaha!!
Nami: What…!!! What about the responbillity you were talking at Fishman Island?
Jinbei: I just got rid off it!
Big Mom Crew: We were reported there were screams coming out of the prison!! What happened?
Jinbei: As expected, they acting fast. Let’s go to a place where they can’t find as for now!!
Luffy falls down to the ground: Uhh…All of a suddent..!!
Nami: !!!
Luffy: I am starving…!!!
Jinbei: You are starving despite being in this situation?
Nami: Luffy is using three times the energy of a normal human being by just living….
Luffy: Don’t worry…!!! I never said that I wanted to eat!!!
Luffy: Anyway, Jinebi! Thank you for helping us!
Jinbei: !?
Luffy: The situation couldn’t be any worse! It’s not just us! Sanji got fooled by her as well!!! We have to tell him! I am leaving Nami to you Jinbei!
Nami: What?
Jinbei: Luffy! Wait!!! There are many powerful fighters in this castle!
Nami: Luffy!! Did you forget what actually happened this morning?!
Scene switches:
Sanji: Do you believe me…?
Reiju: Of course… You won’t deceive me….But that girl Pudding would really go this far….I was spying on her as I felt she was too good of a person….
Sanji: ….!!! If they want to kill us without marrying, then… The condition not kill Luffy and the rest was a bluff from the very beginning!!! I believed that all would go well if one would just sacrifice himself…!!! How delusional…!!!
Reiju: Surprisingly, father….messed up a bit…. But I think it’s a good opportunity
Sanji: !!?
Reiju: German must perish here and now
Reiju: I will pretend like nothing has happened and will follow Big Mom’s plan…
Sanji: What are you talking about? You will die as well? Reiju!
Reiju: Oh…You are actually worried about me? The last memory can really be annoying huh….Please don’t think that you owe me something because of the past
Sanji: ….!!!
Reiju: You must escape with the straw hats Sanji!
Sanji: What?? Even if that works out….What’s going to happen to the Baratie?
Reiju: You can think about it when you successfully escape from here! If you remain here, everybody will die! There is one memory that I can’t forget! A massive argument between father and mother…I realized the reason for their argument later
Sanji: !?
Reiju: Mother was strongly opposed to the idea to make the 4 of you to emotionless machines!!!
Sanji: ….!!
Sanji’s mother: Stop it! They are our children! If they won’t have feelings, then they are no longer humans!!!
Judge: It’s okay if they become monsters! As long as we win the war!!! I want to give my very own children the greatest power!!!
Reiju: The operation was done forcefully after all…!!! But mother took “medicines” to stop father’s plans…. The medicines were powerful enough that they would even hinder the transformation of your genes!!!

Sanji: What???
Judge: Hey! What are you doing! Stop it Sora!!!
Reiju: But it didn’t seem to have any effects as there were many new discoveries that proved that my younger brothers were not humans
Judge: That’s perfect!!!
Researcher: We have succeeded!!! Your majesty! Please don’t worry! There was no way that mere medicines would hinder the process! But… It’s weird…Sanji Sama is…. No it can’t be true… Let’s wait a bit more to see his progress!!! Sanji Sama gave food to the animals? Such emotions shouldn’t exist within him!!!!!
Sanji: …!!!
Reiju: On the other side, mother was getting weaker and weaker because of the medicine
Sanji: ….!!!
Sora: Reiju! Sanji made Lunch for me!!!!
Reiju: You were more and more growing up as a human
Sanji: ………! So it was my fault that her life…..
Reiju: Please don’t think like that! Mother was happy from the bottom of her heart! She didn’t regret her decision!
Sora: Hey do you know what Sanji told me today?
Reiju: ?
Sora: Please get well soon! That’s what he said! The kindest kid in this world!!! (Sora is crying)
Reiju: But father couldn’t forgive it… He blamed you for everything that happened….
Reiju: In no way were you a failed product!! You were the child that was born with “emotions” because of the rebellion Mother started! That’s who you are….Sanji
Sanji: …..!!!!
Reiju: That’s why you are kinder than anybody elese!!!
Sanji: ….
Scene switches:
Soldier: where did he go? I was told that they looked for him everywhere on the first floor! Let’s go to the second floor!
Luffy is choking a soldier: You bastared tell me!!!
Soldier: Gueeeeeh
Sanji: Where is Sanji!!!!
Scene switches:
Smoothy: Something happened again?
Soldier: Apparently, Jinbei….
Smoothy: A rebellion?  Tell this to all the soldiers!
Soldier: Yes?
Smoothy: If the moody Mama is going to hear about all this, then tomorrow’s plan will fail
Soldier: Right
Smoothy: Tomorrow’s plan is Mama’s greatest wish
Soldier: Right
Smoothy: What happens if we fail?
Soldier: I….I don’t want to think about it
Smoothy: Lock down the fourth floor! And capture him in the third floor!!!
Soldier: Roger! But it’s safer to kill him than capturing him…
Smoothy: Don’t worry! I give you the permission!!!
Scene switches:
Reiju: Abandon the Germa and escape!!! Germa is only a Killer that lives from the glory from the past!! An existence that is not needed in this world anymore!!! Big Mom only wants Germa’s Science!
Sanji: ….
Reiju: They are probably not even interested in the people at Baratie! The people that actually threatened to do it, so our father and brothers will be killed tomorrow!!! It’s the only deserving outcome! We are killers after all!!
Sanji: Even I … have nothing but hatred for them! But why do you have to die??
Reiju: I still have emotions left….But I am also a machine that cannot oppose our father! My hands are dirty…I deserve to die! I forgot to tell you but the bracelet…
Reiju: They don’t explode! I have switched them
Reiju: Are there any other reason to remain on this island?
Sanji: ….!!!!
Reiju: Please take a look at what’s really important to you!!!
Soldier: Call the executives! The straw hat has escaped!!!
Reiju: You won’t meet such wonderful people again!!!
Sanji: !!!!
Luffy: Moveeeeeee!!!!

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Dejo, 12-01-2017, 12:05

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Ratlee, 12-01-2017, 12:08
@Dejo spoilery nie działajo :<


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